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After one year we have now replaced this mattress.

Sep 9, 2013 bobmeredith from Georgia, Rating:


We purchased this mattress to replace a much older mattress. We had never before owned a memory foam mattress, but heard some good things about memory foam, and saw the numerous positive reviews, so we gave it a try. This was a horrible mistake. This mattress is barely supportive. Your body sinks in 7 plus inches, and you wind up trying to sleep in a valley. Within a very short time, the mattress took on a W shape caused by our two bodies sinking into the mattress, and the mattress retaining this deformed shape. We tried to turn the mattress, but it simply retained the W shape, except now in a different direction. Also, this mattress sleeps hot, and makes it difficult to get in and out of bed. We are tall, but otherwise average size people at 195 pounds and 150 pounds respectively, and we are generally not too picky. This mattress was just horrible. It's been one year now, and we have donated it to a shelter, and replced it with a quility innerspring pillowtop.

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2009-10-01 19:39:47 by Signo

Michael Moore is a complete hypocrite.

Not that it should come as a surprise to anyone reading this site, but let me tell you a “secret;” Michael Moore is a complete hypocrite.
The event, hosted by Esquire, doubled as the launch of the magazine’s “Ultimate Bachelor Pad,” a fully tricked-out, 11-room, nine-bathroom, 9,200-square-foot signature penthouse in SoHo, filled with flatscreens, sleek, modern furniture and luxury brands—each room meticulously designed around an advertisers’ theme. (The Hugo Boss bedroom! The Heineken lounge! The Lufthansa kitchen!)
As Esquire publisher Kevin O’Malley explains in the Esquire SoHo brochure, part of the reason that the magazine does this every year—alternating between New York and L

Kevin Hunt: Did Millions Of People Buy The Wrong Type Of Smoke Alarm?  — Hartford Courant
Photoelectric alarms are more sensitive to smoldering fires in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, where heavy furniture, mattresses and synthetic countertops are more likely to burn slowly. These fires often start overnight ..

Silver Rest Mattress Queen Deluxe 10" Mattress with Dual Air Flow 3" 5.3LB Density Viscoelastic Memory Foam , 20 Year Warranty
Home (Silver Rest Mattress)
  • Queen Deluxe 10 with Dual Air Flow Memory Foam Mattress with 3 Memory Foam and 7 High reililence Polyurethane Base Foam . 20 Year Warranty
  • Made with 5.3lb density High Quality 100 percent Viscoelastic Memory Foam
  • 20 Year Warranty!
  • 100% cotton zipper cover that has a velour feel to it. It zips 4-ways which creates an easy to remove cover for cleaning.
  • Reduces the Body s Aches Through Relief of Pressure Points
Hokku Designs Logan Console / Sofa Table in Red Cocoa
Furniture (Hokku Designs)

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