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I bought this set because ...
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I bought this set because I needed furniture for a Guest Bedroom on a budget, but now I am also considering purchasing it again for my adolescent son's room. It is inexpensive enough, compared to furniture stores, that it could go in a kid's room and you wouldn't be to bent up if it wasn't taken the best care of. Assembly was not difficult, as all the pieces come clearly labeled and the directions are easy to follow, but it was time consuming. It took me a couple of hours for each piece, with the dresser taking up the most time and the headboard taking the least amount of time. The finished product is really beautiful, but the parts that hold the drawers up are just cheap plastic, so if the drawers were full and getting daily use from someone who is not very careful with them, I could see that breaking really easily...
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2006-12-27 01:31:41 by newfmom

Oh my, you should see my bedroom

The bed is shoved up against the wall and sandwiched in by two Newf size crates on the other side. One crate (of the same size) is in the living room and serves as an end table (just added a piece of wood to the top), and numerous other crates in the grooming room. Not much in the way of decorative furniture to speak of, but the animals are certainly comfortable!
Boomer sleeps on the bed (and in the bathtub during the warmer months). The girls start out in their crates, but tend to move to the couch, their futon matress on the living room floor, or the futon in the sitting room. Tigger (my kitty) sleeps under the crook of my arm in bed with me all night.

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