White Bedroom Drawers furniture

Silver zinc + white ceramic door knobs/ bedroom drawer handles


A dresser is more than just a place to store your clothes; it's an integral part of your bedroom. From storage to style, the right dresser can really bring your bedroom together.

There are several different types of dressers. Most are a long, low design with four to six drawers, and some even include a matching mirror that can be affixed to the top. If you're looking to save floor space, you may want to consider an upright version, also known as a chest of drawers, which stacks several drawers, one on top of the other. For smaller spaces, there are styles available with two or three drawers to give you a little storage without taking up too much room.

When you're shopping for a new dresser, it's a good idea to find out the measurements of several dressers you're considering, and then measure out the space in your room where you'll be putting one. Make sure you have plenty of space to walk around it. Give yourself at least two feet between the corners of your dresser and the corners of your entry, bed, or other furniture you'll be walking between. Once you have your space mapped out, you'll be able to determine which dressers will fit and which will be too big (or adversely, which may end up looking too small for the space).

You want your bedroom to reflect your style, so choosing a dresser that fits your tastes is important. Many people choose to buy theirs as part of a bedroom set so everything coordinates, while others like to mix and match their bedroom furniture. No matter what style you choose, a great dresser will last you for years to come.

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I like that

I am used to all cherry furniture, but thinking of going lighter painted wood this time. I already have a perfect yellow vintage night table with bamboo/jenny lindish style legs.
This is my bedding.
My new bedroom is weird, old Victorian, so on either side of the the empty hole where the vanity would go are 6 white painted built in drawers top to bottom. Hard to figure out how to decorate. I don't want too much white.

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Dishonest person selling furniture on craigslist

I saw a picture of a nightstand that was for sale on craigslist. The seller's phone is 512 560-9386 and he lives in River Lodge Apartments. *** DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PERSON. *** The ad said the nightstand was in excellent condition. I called the seller. He said it was in good condition and that it was only a year old. I went to see it. It was dark (it was at night), the light in bedroom was dim, the nightstand was covered with books and dust and cobwebs. The owner emptied out the drawers and carried the nightstand to my car (in the dark) and put it in my car. When I got it home, I discovered the surface had flaws in the cherry stain that someone had unsuccessfully attempted to fix and something white was on the surface where his telephone had been

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In a traditional bedroom, a pair of retro-funky '70s lamps adds whimsy and character. In a modern kitchen, antique door and drawer pulls present an element of surprise.

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