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The Amish have been creating amazing Amish oak bedroom furniture since the 1800s. Their methods, traditions techniques have been passed down from father to son. These processes are still implemented today to create wonderful Amish oak bedroom furniture. There are several great benefits to Amish oak bedroom furniture.

• Highest quality of workmanship.
• Oak wood available in a variety of furniture styles.
• Comfort –it is made to be comfortable.
• Durability – it is meant for many years of use, even multi-generational use to be handed down from parent to child.

The Amish oak bedroom furniture is reflective of the values that the Amish people believe in deeply – a deeply felt faith, a strong commitment to family and a dedication to upholding moral values. Their craftsmanship is an extension of these values. Amish oak bedroom furniture is unique, heirloom quality furniture durable enough for tough everyday family use.

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Stinky chair

I got this circa 1960's Jacobsen egg chair a few years ago. LOVE it. But my boyfriend decided that we didn't have room for it in the living room of our last apartment. So he insisted that I put it in the bedroom. The cats hung out in the bedroom and so did, on occasion, a wayward raccoon or two who crawled into the bedroom window to eat cat food. It was a weird apartment on Mt. Davidson.
Anyway, we didn't realize it at the time, but when we moved we found out that one of the cats was spraying on the chair. I blamed my boyfriend for forcing me to put it in the bedroom and he blamed me for having disgusting misbehaved cats

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