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Youth Beds

Twin, Full and Bunk Beds

Your children are growing fast, and they should have good quality bedroom furniture to help them get a good night’s sleep. Our large collection of kids and teen bedroom furniture is designed to give your kids exactly what they need. Browse our catalog to find great deals on furniture made by some of the biggest and best names in the furniture business. We have high quality beds for children that are as stylish as they are comfortable, and we also have beds geared for teenagers that help them get the many hours of sleep that they seem to need. Choose from boys and girls bedroom furniture as well as unisex designs.

At, we work hard to bring you a wide selection of child and youth beds in many different styles and colors. Have a look around and let us help you find the ideal bedroom setup for your kids.

Huge Teenage Bedroom Furniture Selection

Looking for the prefect bed for your growing children requires a little forethought. If they are going to be sleeping in the new bed for some years, you will need to consider how quickly they may grow and what functions the bed could serve, aside from being just a bed.

At Bedroom Furniture Spot we stock well-made and stylish beds for young girls, young boys and teenagers. We have a range of twin beds that offer style and beauty, as well as bunk beds and loft bed sets which give extra space for storage or study. We also stock day beds which offer plenty of style and functionality. The Coaster La Salle day bed has a trundle with three drawers and three decorative faux drawers below the main bed. The trundle pulls out to expose another spare sleeping space, which means that your young one can have a friend to stay over without having to make up a spare bed. The extra storage supplied by the three drawers allows you to store items out of sight. This bed comes in dark ebony, cherry and white.

Our selection of loft beds offers you the flexibility of utilizing a smaller space and condensing it into one perfect sleeping, entertainment and study area for your youngster’s bedroom. The loft beds have the bed above the frame, in a cabin style, with study area and double sized bed below. Our sets can be bought as separate items, so if you don’t want the double bed, you can use the space it would sit in to have a small TV or seat instead. The choice really is up to you. The sturdy ladder gives support to the bunk bed and there is plentiful storage in the form of cabinets and cubby holes in the lower compartment.

Nutty Apps Design Doll House
Mobile Application (Nutty Apps)
  • * 4 Different Rooms to Decorate: Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen & Bathroom.
  • * Shop & Decorate: Select from a huge verity of sofas, lamps, chairs, tables, paintings, refrigerators, beds, wardrobes, dresses, dolls, furniture and much more.
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2008-03-03 09:21:29 by redtoes

Call her back and say now that you thought

About it, it's really more than was in your budget, and you understand if she is wanting to by the bedroom furniture, since it's her daughter...and you know how mom's are regarding their if she wants to buy the whole set you will find something else to get for them.
does she have any other children? or any other girls? if not, just talk her up about how you know how excited she must be because it's her little girl blah blah and find something else to purchase.

2007-01-15 10:34:53 by ---

My experience

Kids are 9 and 5.
I breastfed to sleep until they were around 3 yo. Afte that, we still coslept, and they hugged either me or DH to go to sleep.
No problems.
We stopped co-sleeping around 5 yo, and at that point we went out together, bought new bedroom furniture for their rooms, and talked excitedly about how they were big girls and had their own rooms.
The first few days, I laid with them for about a half hour, but after they got used to the room (shadows and such) they were fine.
I think what made it easy for me was that I waited until they could really understand the concept of sleepign alone, and oculd communicate their fears...I didn't have to guess.

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Uncle Milton Uncle Milton Moon In My Room
Toy (Uncle Milton)
  • Authentically detailed 3-D lunar landscape.
  • Automatic or manual function shows 12 main phases of the moon.
  • MP3 download code included provides a guided tour of the moon.
  • Auto shut off
  • Hangs on wall
Calico Critters Calico Critters Girl Lavender Bedroom
Toy (Calico Critters)
  • The white and lavendar colors give this pretty bedroom a fresh, updated look
  • Set features all the essential bedroom furniture pieces like bed, vanity, end table and wardrobe
  • Includes over 25 detailed accessories, such as an extra outfit and a nightgown with matching slippers
  • Wardrobe doors open and close, drawer opens, and more
  • Also includes a clock, picture frames, bedspread, books and more
Mauricio's Furniture Mauricio's Furniture Zebra Overstuffed Kid's Chair
Toy (Mauricio's Furniture)
  • Kid s chair with zebra themed fabric
  • Features over stuffed arms
  • Pine construction with soft cotton fabric
  • Made by hand in USA
  • Measures 26 L x 19 W x 17 H, weighs 12 pounds
JOY-OUTLET Toy / Play Calico Critters Girl Lavender Bedroom. Furniture, Playset, Decoration, Design, Collectible, Toy Game / Kid / Child
  • The white and lavendar colors give this pretty bedroom a fresh, updated look
  • Set features all the essential bedroom furniture pieces like bed, vanity, end table and wardrobe
  • Includes over 25 detailed accessories
  • Wardrobe doors open and close, drawer opens, and more
  • Also includes a clock, picture frames, bedspread, books and more

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