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Generally bedrooms are decorated with bedroom furniture's such as bed (can be single or double), dressing table, cabinets, armories etc. Now a days all these furniture's are easily available in any furniture showrooms and even in malls. They are available in different designs; different sizes as per the persons requirements. They enhance the beauty of the room; different kinds of lights can be used to give the room different look. The word 'Antique' generally refers to pieces that are 100 years old or older, now a days even vintage 20th century pieces are called 'antique'. Furniture designs developed during the 18th century however there were certain designs that belonged to one nation such as Palladianism in Great Britain, and others such as Rococo ( France) having opulence, grace, playfulness, and light designs. Baroque (japans) which used heavier themes and darker colors. In 19th century came in the gothic style designs. Antique bedroom furniture's are usually made up of fine hardwoods such as rosewood or mahogany, inlaid with carved designs, which usually use to belong to a wealthy person. There are art deco antiques from America made up of iron, wood, aluminum, stainless steel, sharkskin and zebra skin, they feature the bold use of zigzag and stepped forms and swinging curves, chevron patterns and sunburst motif. There are antique bedroom furniture's that have designs inspired by nature to embrace seaweed, grasses etc with curved lines and floral designs , such designs are usually referred to as Art Nouveau. They are also available in elm wood with lacquer carved designs from china. Antique Bedroom furniture's are available in antique shops and online; few furniture showrooms also get antique furniture's on special requests.

E Gadget Group Inc. dba: Enitial Lab Enitial Lab Ives End Table with Magazine Rack, Antique Oak
Home (E Gadget Group Inc. dba: Enitial Lab)
  • Add style and versatility to your decor with the compact and space efficient side table in antique oak finish
  • Product internal frame is made of solid rubberwood; antique oak finish
  • C-shape side table has a solid rubberwood construction; earthy tone slate insert on table top panel;attached magazine rack; four ball-point feet
  • Assembly required by two adults; To clean, use damp cotton cloth to wipe clean; Made in China
  • Measures 12.50-inch wide by 15.25-inch deep by 25.25-inch high; 30-days hassle-free replacement parts warranty
2009-08-14 14:00:24 by --

I would assume it depends on the furniture

My DD has a lovely full brass bed and a honey oak antique dresser and desk.
And if she doesn't want the brass bed, I have the matching oak one stored.
I think that would be nice for her first apartment (the furniture was actually my bedroom furniture when i bought my first house)
Of course if she doesn't want it, she's free to go buy her own.

2006-11-02 11:33:22 by that1chick

So my SO is starting his own studio...

In our living room and 2nd bedroom! Recording, mixing, various artists, tracks etc. It's just a start-up with low overhead, we have future plans which will provide a more suitable, professional location but in the meantime, let's get started with what we do have, no point waiting for our dreams to follow us!
We have moved the drum set out into the living room, which will be our "play" room, the small second bedroom will be the mix room and office. Closet doors are coming off to open up the space and take the square edges off. Sound foam has been reccomended for all the corners and any neighbor peace or quiet is not a problem

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