Gray Wood Bedroom Furniture

Fresca Livello Gray Oak

Like they came off the showroom floor

Sep 9, 2013 vitagal50 from Baltimore, MD, Rating:


This is the first time I have purchased serious furniture online or formal furniture that needed to be assembled. We purchased 2 nightstands and 2 dressers. It does take some time to put together especially since we had so many items, but it was absolutely worth it. They are gorgeous. Perfect in color and style. They were exactly what I had been looking for hence my taking the chance to order online. (One good thing about "assemble yourself", you know just how well put together and sturdy they are.) There is an incredible amount of storage. Had a bet with my husband that he would have leftover space when he emptied his current chest and I won. We have the 2 dressers end to end on one wall and they look like beautiful built-ins, which is what we wanted. If you are looking for something with beautiful styling, clean lines and contempororary flair this is the one for you! You will find nothing better in the furniture showroom!

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