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StripesThose beauties are Luci’s big girl bunk beds and I could not be more excited with them. I’ll tell you a secret…..we found them on Craigslist!!! I kind of felt like I hit the jackpot when I spotted them. They are very reminiscent of the Pottery Barn beds that I daydream about each month when the catalog arrives, but this version probably saved us $1000.00 (regardless of where we had purchased them). I went to check them out and met the sweet family that was selling them. The mom was so cute and so thankful that these beds were going to a good home. I thought it was such a nice sentiment and how cool that another little girl gets to grow up with these beds.Wall Art They were clearly sturdy enough and in great shape. I think that if I didn’t tell anyone that they were used, no one would know the difference.

Once they arrived on Hillside Lane, I quickly began to envision how the room might take shape. Bedding, colors, frames for the wall…clearly this was a little piece of planning heaven for me. I have visions of pink and stripes and some painted furniture (of course with some black and white photographs – I can’t help myself). I am taking a little inspiration from…

Since this bedroom is on a clear budget, I’m already scouting out a few DIY projects to save a few pennies (or a lot of pennies!)…

  • Refinish Chest Night Stand – There’s just something charming about a rustic chest. When I was in college, I found one at Hobby Lobby and the rest is history. In the past 10 years it has served as a coffee table in my apartment in Minnesota and then in two of Andris’ apartments before we were married. Since moving into Hillside Lane, it has acted as Andris’ nightstand, in our college-dorm-room-style master bedroom (one day we’ll make it look pretty). This chest is clearly well-loved and well made after that many moves. I’m thinking of painting it either lime green or a navy blue and will probably match it with the chest of drawers that we’ll be refinishing as well…more on that next.Wall Decor We won’t have a ton of space between the two beds, but I think it will fit the bill, and hopefully leave room enough on each side for a basket for favorite books.
  • Refinish Chest of Drawers – All the furniture in Luci’s room today will be moving to the third bedroom for another baby down the line. That leaves Luci with no drawers for socks, shirts, etc. I’m not ready to buy anything new for that room yet, so my game plan is to move the dresser that is in our bedroom now into Luci’s room. With a little sanding and a coat of paint, I think it will look right at home and will save me plenty of money in not having to buy something new (note: Andris thinks I am out well over my skis with all this redoing of furniture.Carousel I might agree, but someone I feel inspired enough to try). I also want to change out the hardware for a little bit of bling and I already scored a lamp for $5 at a local yard sale, so all I need is a cute shade and we’ll be in business (the shade may be another DIY gem, with a little grosgrain ribbon)
  • Wall Decor – I saw this cute idea on Pinterest, where you wrap plain canvases in fun fabric.
    I think it could be a cute way to add lots of color and could maybe intersperse some black and white pics in between for a bit of contrast. And I am still tossing around ideas for above the chest of drawers. I love this picture from Etsy – I grew up going to the Jersey Shore every year and the carousel was one of my favorite memories. That in a white frame could definitely work.
    We’ll see! Plenty to do between now and then.
2007-12-27 08:49:59 by pazz100

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