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Armless Chairs & Ottoman Nice furniture at Costco?Yes,and this is always one of the things that surprises me,almost as much as them having their own wine or vodka,but nonetheless they really do have some great furniture available,both in the stores and online. You could furnish your entire house at Costco down to throw rugs and knick knacks.

Here are some of the really cool deals right now online,and don’t forget the online orders include shipping and handling in the prices.That’s right,you won’t have to try to figure out how to fit all the furniture into your Honda Civic,they’ll show up right at your house and you probably won’t even have to break a sweat.

2 Armless Chairs & Ottoman for $489.00– A nice pair of modern looking chairs and a matching ottoman.They’ve got a microfiber upholstery in a light cream or grey color (they say grey in the description but they definitely look cream in this picture).The wood trim is a nice looking espresso finish.That price is really incredible if you consider that includes shipping and handling!They had some of these chairs in our local store not too long ago and they were much more comfortable than I would have imagined.Pirates of the Caribbean Bedroom Set They’d be really great if you have a spot where you would like some seating but are kind of tight on space.
Update:This set is already sold out.Man,that is the one downside to Costco,sometimes you really need to move quickly or you’ll miss out.But you can check out some of their other nice .

Pirates of the Caribbean Bedroom Set for $2, 099.99 – I just want to point out that this is for your child…you’re too big to fit in the ship shaped bed.What you don’t see in the picture is that the bed has a mast and sail,too!How awesome is that?The whole set includes the bed which can have either a trundle bed or extra storage,a chest of drawers,and a nightstand.That price also includes shipping and handling and since I’ve seen it in our local store,you might check there first if you’re interested in getting it because it’ll be a bit cheaper because of the shipping and handling.Fairhaven Dining Collection Apparently,they even have this in the UK,as one of the posters to this thread mentions.And if you’re wondering,you can just get the bed for $1, 399.99.It’s the sheer coolness factor that made me mention this since obviously you can get children’s bedroom furniture for a lot less.

Dining Room Set for $999.99 – $2, 299.99 – The variation in price is because you can buy just the table and 6 chairs(7 pieces) or the whole set including the buffet with hutch and server (9 pieces).Right now this set is on sale,so after the end of March the prices will go up a bit.It’s a really nice looking set with cherry veneers and silver accents,beveled glass on the hutch and upholstered seats.The $1, 000 for the table and 6 chairs is just an amazing deal,I think,for decent furniture.I mean,you go to the cheap furniture stores and they want that much,or more,for stuff that is not going to last through more than one Thanksgiving meal…probably collapsing under the weight of your turkey.It’s got a nice traditional look to it too…I wish I were looking for a new dining room set because it’s just my style.

Did you know that Costco even has it’s own Kirkland Signature mattress collection made by Stearns & Foster?Who knew…But I have heard that they have some really great deals on mattresses of all types,including the memory foam stuff.

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2005-09-07 10:39:25 by notdoingwell

Neeeeeeeed boundaries!

I need advice, please. I have two neighbor children who are neglected at home (Dad drinks, Mom is dead). They practically live with me. I buy them clothes, food, toys...redid their filthy, empty bedroom with beds, bedding, furniture, paint, etc. Got all their school supplies... Dad won't give them up but lets me do all the parenting.
I am low-income and struggling just to support 2 yr old DS. With these extra children I am in the hole with my credit card $4000. I do not know how to say no to them.
They are very sweet girls (11 and 13) and never ask for anything. They mention things, not to get me to buy them, just to share their day (e

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