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American Furniture – A Tradition of Excellence

The best hardwoods,expertly selected,kiln-dried,and stored,are where the Mobel American made furniture story begins. The strength,resilience,and natural beauty of the finest hardwoods result in the finest furniture. Because wood is an organic material,and not manufactured,each piece of wood furniture is unique,with its own characteristics. The consistent thing about fine hardwood furniture is its solid durability. But the best woods alone do not assure the best furniture. Expert American woodworkers craft quality you can rely on.

Mobel craftsmen have 12 years of experience,on average,including training in our expert processes,assuring that each piece of fine wood furniture is built to the highest standards. Only solid wood components are used,assuring the quality and durability of all of our furnishings. A careful examination of Mobel’s case furniture reveals excellence in details such as full hardwood framed interiors. You’ll see quality touches that indicate an American tradition of workmanship,representing the characteristics of true heirloom quality furniture. This American furniture will be enjoyed by your family,generation after generation.

American by Design

Mobel furniture is exquisitely crafted with beautiful intricacies. An American tradition of woodworking excellence is reflected in every detail. Finishes are meticulously applied in a multi-step process,enhancing the richness of the furniture.Mobel BedroomDecorative detailing compliments the overall beauty of each finished piece.

True American made furniture reflects the beauty and diversity of America itself. Mobel has a complete line of bedroom suites,representing a broad array of American tastes,from sleek and modern to stately and traditional styles. A uniquely American blend of beautiful styles has inspired the American images furniture collection. The City Pass collection represents a modern and cosmopolitan feel. The Passages furniture line reflects a casual,yet worldly and sophisticated style. In the tradition of American innovation,the Main Street and Tempo furniture collections combine the best in function and style by creating lifestyle solutions. The Westchester Oaks furniture line represents the charm of American country living. These six collections reflect influences from across America and around the globe.

Choose American Made Furniture – Choose the Best

You want nothing but the best for your home – you want American made furniture. Mobel brings you style,selection and the finest quality available. As you choose the perfect furnishings for the bedrooms in your home – from the guest retreat to the master suite – you’ll find no finer selection than the collections by Mobel.

Now more than ever,it is also great to have the satisfaction of buying American,supporting an American business and preserving American jobs. You’ll also have the assurance of owning the best heirloom quality furniture,made in the tradition of generations of the finest American wood working craftsmen.

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